Micro Grooved


Constructed to provide dependable protection from the elements, this door is designed to handle the most rugged commercial applications. A thermally-broken core, encased in a 20-gauge steel front skin and a 27-gauge back, creates a durable door with a high R-value and the protection you have come to expect.


Designed to achieve years of dependable service, each section is urethane filled and thermally broken with a continuous joint seal, making the door unyielding to the outside elements. This high R-value door is available in six colors and a wide variety of window options. This model offers added rigidity and durability when applications require protection second to none.


Designed to enhance appearances in a variety of applications, this door will augment the look of both homes and businesses alike. The door is distinguished by four even spaced micro-grooves that run horizontally across each section. This design incorporates the tongue-and-groove joint between each section and gives the door an even, symmetrical appearance. Businesses and homeowners alike will soon take for granted the added durability and insulating value that this double-sided steel door offers.


We believe garage doors should demonstrate both durability and class. Our Accent Woodtones garage doors are meticulously designed and manufactured using full color digital imaging and insulated steel to create the highest quality, most realistic woodtone doors available. Utilizing groundbreaking advances in design and technology, each Accent Woodtones garage door is as colorful and authentic as real wood.


Featuring the most advanced, highest resolution finishes available, Accent Woodtone Planks accurately portray a non-repeating wood grain to achieve the warmth, appeal, and beauty of a handcrafted wood garage door while providing the strength and durability of steel.